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Filling upDurham Fabrications carry out onsite scheduled  hose testing for mining, defence and terminal sites.

Most international and local standards specify the regular checking and testing of hoses in use. Durham fabrications can test and inspect hoses at our customer’s premises or at our facilities in accordance with the relevant standard. In addition, we can maintain records of such tests for our customers and monitor testing intervals.

Please contact us for further information about our onsite or in house testing

Durham Fabrications  recommend  the  Radcoflex Composite Hose which  is one of the most trusted hoses in the world. Hoses are manufactured as per your specifications in length and diameter. Composite hoses are manufactured on the mandrel wrapped principle.

The hose consists of an inner wire spiral upon which layers of fabric and film are wrapped, and bound with an external wire spiral. The tension between each other of the wire spirals gives the hose its pressure capability.

Time to RefuelThe heart of a composite hose is in the materials selection. Fabric and film materials used include Polypropylene, Polyester and Polyamide. The wire helixes can be of galvanised steel, aluminium, stainless steel or polypropylene coated steel.

The final selection of the materials depends upon the application for the hose.

For information on the following hose types contact us and we can forward a data sheet.



CM001 Hose Styles, Selection, Standards & Tolerances

Fuel and Oil Hoses
  • CM 010 Petrofuel
  • CM 011 Petrofuel Light
  • CM 012 VRH Vapour Recovery
  • CM 013 Transfuel
  • CM 014 Transoil
  • CM 015 Transdock
  • CM 017 Avfuel
  • CM 018 Avfuel Light
Chemical Hoses
  • CM 020 Transchem
  • CM 021 Solchem
  • CM 022 Chemdock
  • CM 024 Solflon
Purpose Hoses
  • CM 025 Transheat
  • CM 026 Transgas
  • CM 027 Bituflex
  • CM 028 Roof Drain