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Spare Parts

Being also known as Liquip Newcastle we carry the complete range of tanker equipment that the Liquip brand manufacturers and distributes.

Durham Fabrications also supplies Aviation Spare parts for:

Avery Hardoll – Meggitt  and Alfons Haar products and spare parts.
To our local Raaf Base at Williamtown and around the country.

Liquip Spare Parts

  • Manhole covers – VOH Series, Swing Hatch, and Emergency Hatch, Pressure hatch, Spare parts and accessories.
  • Dip fittings
  • Venting Equipment – Tank vents PVV 104 and 204 series Vapour recovery vents, couplers and adaptors.
  • Internal Emergency Valves
  • Outlet valves – API valves, Chemical petroleum

Liquip Loading Arms

For over 35 years Liquip loading arms have been the benchmark for innovation to those who have used them. Their reduced weight and advanced balance mechanism technology make Liquip loading arms the most maneuverable loading arms available and the loading arms of choice for customers around the world.
“Smooth as velvet, slick as silk”

Velvet Touch arms can be customised to suit individual requirements, all with one thing in common…the “VELVET TOUCH”. The name Velvet Touch is a reference to the ease of operation and is the culmination of extensive research into different balancing systems after 35 years in the petroleum equipment manufacturing industry. It utilises the properties of perhaps one of the best support mechanisms available today and one which is used and well proven in many different applications around the world, the gas spring.

With the gas spring of the Velvet Touch as the backbone of our loading arm range, we manufacture arms for top and bottom loading of petroleum products and chemical applications in a range of sizes and materials. Specialist arms include low profile gravity unloading arms, LPG loading arms, bitumen arms and vapour recovery arms. In line with Liquip’s dedication to quality, Liquip loading arms and components are made to world standards in accordance with ISO9001 Quality Assurance System.

Liquip use the latest in available design and manufacturing techniques to ensure that our arm designs work to their full potential, giving our customers the best possible solution for their investment, and consistent product quality. Repeat sales with existing satisfied customers across 27 countries proves that our loading arms continue to provide significant benefits and value for money.